Innovative Smart calendar

Integrates Clinical Documentation & Billing. Stay Organized all the time.

Scheduling and Calendar

Therasoft® has developed an advanced, innovative smart calendar to help Therapists manage the client session scheduling challenge. The calendar is fully integrated to the client data already in the system.

The Intelligent Scheduling Calendar is a simple and easy to use tool for Therapists operating as a solo practitioner or part of a group.

  • Click on the Scheduled time to view the appointment details
  • Click on the Name to go directly to the Registration record
  • Click on the View button to go directly to the Attendance page
  • Color coded activity status.

You CANNOT miss it. At the end of the day, you should be looking for all Green columns.

What the smart calendar saves you in time and resources, will pay for the entire software.

Practice Management Software For Mental Health Professionals

Developed by industry professionals, Therasoft® is the most complete practice management software for eliminating time-consuming tasks to give you more time with your clients.